Our house

Luxurious house in the mountains, style of Provence in spruce forest.

Located in comfortable and peaceful place. Barbecue on the river, fireplace, stove, TV in each room, Wi-Fi.

Jaworzynka village is situated in Beskid Śląski in the valley of Krężelka and Czadeczka. On the north there is Istebna and on the east-north - Koniaków. Slovak borders (Skalite and Čierne) are on south from Jaworzynka. If you go north you would reach Czech Republic (Hrčava and Bukovec). Therefore in the south of the village borders of three countries meet in one place: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

The House is located 700 meters from Slovakia and 1800 meters from Czech Republic. Neighborhood is very peaceful with only two houses nearby. River Krężelka with small waterfall goes through the garden. Asphalt road ensures easy access to the House. You can also find: indoor swimming pool (1500 meters), Aqua Park (7 kilometers), ski slopes (20 minutes by car), restaurants with regional cuisine and shops (2 kilometers).

The House is equipped with: washing machine, dishwasher, induction hob, fridge, piano, bikes, trampoline for children, swimming pool, table tennis, firewood, sauna in the garden “ruska bania”.

It is scientifically proved that using sauna develops humans’ mind as well as provides the feeling of freshness. Your skin is getting younger and your body gets stronger! Doctors confirm that it also improves metabolism and immunity. Your body is oxygenated and feels less tired. It is good alternative for those who do not feel in indoor saunas. As it is situated close to brook you can immediately cool down.

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